ChEMBL US Tour 2014


Following successful tours of universities in the UK (2013) and Europe (Spring 2014), ChEMBL are currently looking into doing a US Tour in 3Q 2014. If you are interested in getting ChEMBL to visit your institution, go to The ChEMBL-og and find out more.


28th October 2014 - 2nd Chemical Biology - Cancer Biology Meeting at University of Strathclyde
Registration Is Open. Flyer available..... more

Beyond The Paper Resume And How To Develop An Online Profile As A Scientist
Presented by Anthony Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry

10.00 - 11.00am Monday 6th October 2014
At SIPBS HW111-114, University of Strathclyde
All Welcome.... more

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ChEMBL US Tour 2014
ChEMBL looking into possible US Tour in 3Q 2014 .... more

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