UK RNA Splicing Community

RNA splicing represents an exciting emerging area in drug discovery. As a reflection of the potential for the development of new therapeutics targeting this biological process, a series of meetings have been initiated that has brought together chemists and biologists with an interest in RNA splicing.

The RNA Splicing group has focused on developing new chemical, biological and bioinformatics tools to facilitate the understanding how RNA splicing is regulated and to identify opportunities to develop therapeutics targeting this process.

At the September 2013 meeting the group agreed to intiate a monthly RNA Splicing Newsletter, and to form 4 sub-groups with a view to progressing specific research goals.

This series of meetings were made possible by the generous sponsorship by and the Biochemical Society.


UK RNA Splicing Meetings:

10th December 2012   Therapeutic Strategies Targeting the Spliceosome
2nd February 2013   Session at 3rd UK RNA Splicing Workshop, Rydal Hall
9th September 2013   Therapeutic Strategies Targeting the Spliceosome


 UK RNA Splicing Community Newsletters:

October 2013   here
January 2014   here
February 2014   here
March 2014   here




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