The use of drugs containing radioactive elements is a well established field in nuclear medicine for use as radiotracers in disease diagnosis and treatment. In recent years this field has received much renewed interest with the wide availability of PET imaging and the integration of pharmacokinetics at an early stage in the drug discovery process. Multidisciplinary teams across the country from Universities, Charities, Companies and the NHS are bringing together synthesis, radiochemistry, radiology and cell biology to develop new procedures for the introduction of radioelements, new radiotracers for disease diagnosis and new therapeutic applications for radiopharmaceuticals in order to advance the drug discovery process.


Recent Publication:
Dizdarevic, S., R. McCready, J. F. Turner, M. C. Bagley, P. Blower, P. Schmid, G. Flux, A. Hall, and I. Ziv. "Radiolabelled Apoptotic Probe May Be a Vehicle for a Novel Multimodality Radionuclide Tumour Therapy." Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 41, no. 6 (2014): 1255-6.


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