Brighton and Sussex Cancer Research Network

The aim of the Brighton and Sussex Cancer Research Network is to facilitate cross-disciplinary cancer research between chemists, biologists, social scientists and clinicians. "Cancer Research" is interpreted in the broadest sense and includes researchers working on Stem Cells and/or developmental biology using human cells and/or any model organism. Research interests of the group include basic cellular mechanisms, gene regulation, immunology, medicinal chemistry, cancer therapeutics, epidemiology and psychosocial aspects of cancer. There is also representation from clinicians with expertise in breast and haematological cancers as well as melanoma. A series of interactive meetings are planned to facilitate new multidisciplinary research collaborations and and accelerate the drug discovery process.

This grouping is led by Dr Melanie Flint (University of Brighton), Dr Sarah Newbury (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) and Professor Mark Bagley (University of Sussex).

 Dr Melanie Flint

Dr Sarah Newbury

 Prof Mark Bagley



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